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About Us

Our Story

Jentle Jewelry is a creative silver jewelry brand founded by a Chinese girl, Jennifer Huang in October 2023. That was the end of Covid pandemic in China. She was so in love with silver jewelry since she was a child. Yet she found the silver jewelry in the market is either expensive or cheap with low quality. Moreover the design is too old fashion. It's so hard for her to find any right piece to wear when she dresses up. So she decided to design and create her silver jewelry with her aesthetics. This is the beginning of the story of our brand Jentle Jewelry.

Our Design

All the items we sell on our website are orignally designed and created by our team. We have applied the copyright for all our products. 

Our products

All our products are made from the factories of our suppliers based in Foshan and Guangzhou, China. They have more than 10-year experience in makeing silver jewelry. All our jewelry are 100% handmade with ethical and high-quality Sterling Silver and all kinds of gems. Their high-level carftmanship is being expressed from our jewelry.